Metaphysics, as I understand the term, includes the theory (here understood in the nonscientific sense) of being and existence (i.e., ontology), but is not reducible to that. Metaphysics encompasses the theory of the nature, structure, and underlying principles of existence, but it does not necessarily encompass only that which transcends the Natural, as the defining attributes and structure of the Natural (which is usually called cosmology in contemporary discourse and which I will also refer to as cosmology) is also a metaphysical concern.

Metaphysics, as I use and understand the term, is not the same as the theory or study of the paranormal, by which I mean ordinarily unseen or not-sensed properties of the world that some people apparently experience via extrasensory perception or another non-sensory means. To be sure, if there are paranormal existents, then they are a subject of interest within metaphysics and understanding their placement within the nature and structure of existence is then within the scope of metaphysics. But metaphysics is far broader than the theory or study of the paranormal.