Awareness – Awareness cannot be defined except in terms that mean the same thing as the word awareness.

Being and Reality – Being or Reality in the singular means all that is and seems to be in the case that is in a state of continuity or perpetuity, taken collectively. The terms beings and realities refer to things that are or seems to be in a state of continuity or perpetuity.

Biosphere – Unless I specifically state that extraterrestrial living things (which may or may not exist) are included, the biosphere refers to all the living things of Earth taken collectively.

Consciousness – Consciousness is the sum total of all mental faculties and mental states, including pure awareness, perception, introspection, intuition, the imagination, emotions and feeling-indicators, reason, and will.

Earth – Earth refers to the specific planet where all humans are from, the third planet from the sun in this solar system.

Empiricism – Empiricism, as used in my weblog, is the belief that knowledge or justified belief comes solely from sensory perception (including perception of machine measurements) interpreted by reason.

Experience – An experience is an event of which one’s consciousness is aware.

Existence – Existence refers to all that is and seems to be the case, whether in a state of flux (becoming) or continuity/perpetuity (being), and whether essential (having a fixed identity), substantial (having certain distinct, definitive attributes), or neither essential nor substantial.

Nature – Nature refers to all physical, biological, and psychological phenomena taken collectively. It excludes the ordinarily hidden causes, underlying principles, and ultimate facts or truths of existence, while “the world” does not exclude these things.

Naturalism – Naturalism is the belief that only natural laws exist, or in other words that the only things that exist are those which are subject to natural laws.

Object – An object is something perceived by consciousness that is experienced by the subject as other than itself.

Philosophy – Philosophy refers to the attempt to uncover the truth about any subject using reason. It also refers to the attempt to live in accordance with the truths one finds. As I understand it, philosophy is not merely an intellectual pursuit. It is a way of life.

Physical Universe – The physical universe refers to all phenomena in the universe subject to physical laws, specifically to the four fundamental forces and the fundamental physical constants.

Reason – Reason refers to the faculty of the mind that weighs alternative explanations based on their perceived correspondence to experience and their perceived accordance with the fundamental rules of logic and laws of thought.

Science – Science is a method for uncovering truth about things experienced (usually things experienced by the physical senses or by machines that can be interpreted using reason and the physical senses) through controlled experimentation, careful observation, and reasonable inferences drawn from these means of inquiry.

Scientism – Scientism is the belief that the scientific method provides the only reliable basis for synthetic propositions, that is, propositions based on interactions with the world.

Skepticism – Skepticism does not refer to the belief that knowledge is impossible or doesn’t exist, but that certainty doesn’t exist, or in other words that all statements in which the person making the statement claims or implies that the he or she is certain of the statement’s truth, could be mistaken. Another way of putting it is that skepticism is the belief that all beliefs can be doubted, including all of one’s own beliefs and even the belief that all beliefs can be doubted.

Subject – The subject is the one who is conscious. While the subject may or may not have an essential or even a substantial nature, the subject is experienced by every human being and likely every sentient being as its own self unless and until that being experiences the subject as an object of pure awareness.

Universe or World – In this weblog, the world and universe refer to the same thing, namely all states of affairs that are, seem to be, or possibly are the case.